Annual Giving

Annual Giving 2023-24

The Montcrest Annual Giving program draws on the commitment and generosity of parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the school community. Beyond closing the gap between tuition and the cost to enrich the education of each student, it provides an important vehicle for the community to support Montcrest’s mission and strategic priority projects that have a direct impact upon School Experience, Accessibility and Innovation.

This year, we invite your participation—of any amount—in support of Montcrest students. Our community’s generous contributions of time, expertise and financial support contribute to the unique education Montcrest offers. Our fundraising priorities exist to bring to life the initiatives below that support our strategic direction for 2021-2024.

We openly donate to Montcrest’s Annual Giving Campaign because we can see the direct impact of our financial support at the school every day.  The new G6-8 building addition, improved programs and school grounds and added staff all support the kids’ learning in such a positive way.  We feel every dollar goes right to improving the high level of education that Montcrest already provides.  We couldn’t be happier that we chose Montcrest School for our kid’s primary education.
Laura Coats, Graduating classes of ’20 and ’22

There are 3 ways to participate in Annual Giving:

Innovation Initiatives

An investment in innovation is an investment in our children’s future. Montcrest’s commitment to innovation is longstanding and a crucial part of our capacity to meet the needs of our students in a changing world. At Montcrest, we strive to give students and teachers the opportunity to play with possibilities, grow ideas into research and bring research into the reality of future facing, progressive education. Montcrest is a learning organization, recruiting and developing educators that are able to create learning environments that push beyond current best practices. Through innovation opportunities we are able to promote distributed leadership which in turn contributes to the attraction and retention of the best possible educators who advance a personalized approach to education for our students.

Additional funding will support educators to continue their professional development and ensure Montcrest is ahead of the curve in our approaches to inclusive and personalized learning. Teachers will visit schools with expertise in language-based learning differences and child-centred early education programs.  Further professional learning in mathematics, gifted education and student mental health and wellness will be made possible with your support. 

Financial Assistance Bursaries

Inclusion is both a philosophical stance and a core value at Montcrest. Including a diverse range of learners in our school community makes the whole school stronger. It is good for our students to be part of a community that reflects the city in which they live. It is good for our families to know that the whole family is welcome and will be well served at the school. It is good for our teaching to include a variety of perspectives, meeting students where they are, empowering them to meet any challenge and preparing them for what lies ahead. As a community, we have committed to being personally and collectively accountable for engendering action that creates real change in our world. We can best achieve this in the context of a school that is as equitable and inclusive as we know it can be. 

Additional funding will make Montcrest more accessible to those children who we know will benefit by being part of our community and to enable us to meet their potential.

  • Elaine Danson Bursary – The Elaine Danson Bursary is named in honour of Elaine Danson, one of Montcrest’s former Heads of School. Gifts support current families whose financial situations have changed, and new families whose child would benefit from attending Montcrest.
  • Taber Family Bursary – The Taber Family Bursary was established to honour the memory and spirit of the Taber Family. Through the bursary, the Taber Family’s kindness and generosity will continue to have a positive impact on Montcrest families and students in need.
School Life Initiatives

As parents, when we think back to our school experiences, our fondest memories are often experiences that happened outside of the classroom. At Montcrest, we build deep engagement in learning both through curricular programming and co-curricular opportunities. We endeavour to make every activity from recess, to clubs and athletics, to drama and music productions the stuff from which lasting memories are built. 

Additional funding will enrich student experience outside of the classroom by ensuring that outdoor play spaces reflect the needs and interest of our students.  Equipment quality will be improved as will the infrastructure available to clubs, teams and students events. All students will benefit from upgraded light and sound equipment in addition to a new bouldering wall on campus.


Questions about all giving opportunities can be directed to Natalie Hollinshead: or 416-469-2008 x5178 .

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