Small Class Program

The World Needs Different Thinkers

At Montcrest, we celebrate the unique gifts of every child. We aim to meet students where they are by providing individualized and specialized support. Montcrest teachers are dedicated to ensuring the success of each student and have the expertise to work with neurodiverse students.

We understand that not everyone learns in the same way. That’s why our Small Class (typically 8:1; maximum of 10:1 student:teacher ratio) Program aims to teach those with specific learning profiles “how to do school” in a way that suits them best. This focused setting creates opportunities for:

  • Multiple check-ins throughout the day;
  • Systematic review of material;
  • Personalized approaches to learning support;
  • Increased participation in each class;
  • Explicit Executive Function instruction.

As a student moves through our Small Class Program, these supports gradually fade away to foster growing independence with each transition, especially from grade seven to eight and beyond.

What makes the Small Class Program Unique? Our approach.

  • Experienced and Practised Special Education Teachers
  • Unlocking Grade-Level Curriculum
  • Structured, Evidence-Based Programming & Approaches
  • Targeted Intervention
  • A Safe Space to Grow and Learn Self-advocacy

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