At Montcrest School you instantly feel a sense of family and community.

Our caring and nurturing community is cultivated and supported by our faculty and staff, students, parents and alumni.

Together we create a strong network to support the education and development of our students into engaged and responsible citizens.

“When we ask parents, teachers, even our graduates what they think makes our school unique, the word that always comes up is “Community”. This is not the case at other schools – our community is without question truly unique. Whether it is an academic or athletic competition (or even a class party for parents!), this sense of community is clearly apparent. People just care. I think we are all fortunate to be involved at Montcrest.”

Don Durno, Board Chair

“I am grateful that I found the right fit for my child. I was also very pleasantly surprised that I fit in too… what a warm and absolutely lovely, supportive, and accepting school community. My son is happy at school and that is so important for parent and child.”

“We have really enjoyed our first year at Montcrest. The feeling of community that we saw on our initial tour of the school is steady throughout the year.”

Montcrest Parents’ Association (MPA)

The MPA’s main goal is to enrich the lives of our children at school by building a strong and nurturing community.


Montcrest Alumni are a vital part of our school community, and we encourage them to stay connected with us and with each other.





Community Outreach

Our outreach efforts strive to teach students about issues within our community and on a global level.

CIS Ontario