Life After Montcrest

Life After Montcrest

The transition from elementary to high school is an important time in a student’s social, emotional and academic development. It often marks the first significant decision that a child will actively participate in that will help shape their future. It is a time during which parents have the opportunity to model for their child how to research, analyse, and determine a path forward that best suits their interests in life.

The purpose of the Grade 9 Application and Placement program is to help inform, support, and guide students and parents throughout this decision-making process. It is meant to help you understand your options for high school in both the public and independent school systems.

The best way to begin this journey is to identify and understand what type of learning environment would allow your child to develop their confidence and thrive academically as they grow into young adults. As parents, you will understand your child as a person and know their emotional needs; however, Montcrest has a team of caring and supportive teachers who can help provide the social and academic pieces required in selecting the correct high school for your child. 

Meet the Life After Montcrest Team

Matthew Barry, Head of Education Program – ext. 5171
(Role: initial recommendations, specialty public schools (e.g. arts schools), mock interviews, reviews final recommendations and applications)

Emma Stewart, Interim Counsellor – ext. 2102
(Role: mock interviews)

Grade 8 Homeroom Teachers
(Role: advise families on schools that might be the ‘Best fit’)

Together with the support from our faculty and staff, you’ll find a detailed plan in order to help you navigate through every phase of this important decision. Click on the links below to read more information about the Life After Montcrest phases.

Phase 1: Getting Informed

Phase 2: The Application Process

Phase 3: The Waiting Game

Phase 4: Decision Making Process

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