Phase 2: The Application Process


Phase 2: Application Process


The first step that a family should take in the application process is to register with their local high school. Montcrest recommends that families register for their local school before applying to any other school in order to provide reassurance to their child that they are attending a high school.


This can be done by contacting the school directly; all contact information can be found by following the links on the Find Your School’ page. You can also begin the process online on the TDSB’s Registration Page. Depending on address, some students may have multiple options available to them as ‘local’ programs that they are entitled to register for:

  • Secondary School – This is a traditional high school program that is open to students from a specific geographical catchment area in the city.
  • Technological Programming – Open to a slightly larger area, students registering for their tech. school are required to take one tech-focused course in each of their four years. The subject of these course differs depending on the school.
  • Commercial School – Students registering for their commercial school are typically required to take one business course in each of their four years.

The following documents are typically required to register a child to your local school:

    1. Proof of age.
    2. Proof of address.
    3. Proof of immunization. 
  • Verification of date of arrival, if your child was not born in Canada. 

If you would also like to apply to other public school programs, or to any independent or private schools, please follow the links below to learn about their process:

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