Phase 3: The Waiting Game

Step 3: The Waiting Game

The longest period during the admissions process is waiting for the communal offer date in February. Although parents might want to contact the school to find out where their child’s application is in the  process, we strongly advise not to contact the school. Parents may believe this will highlight or help their child’s application; however, it can often have the opposite effect. If an admissions department determines that a parent is being overly demanding, they will often make the assessment that a parent may be a ‘high needs parent’ or a ‘helicopter parent’ if they become a part of the school community. Likewise, if families have personal contacts at the school, whether it be a teacher, administrator, or family, it is equally advised not to ask for excessive influence from these contacts as this can have a similar effect to calling. 

Many admissions departments operate independently from other parts of the school in order to ensure objectivity throughout the admissions process. Therefore, attempting to influence this process can have a negative consequence. Please remain patient and allow the strength of your family’s application to be the basis for the school’s decision. 

Finally, if you have any questions or have heard information that requires clarification, please contact Mr. Barry or Ms. Klein. They understand the admissions process and departments at each school very well and are best suited to address your concerns rather than listening to any kind of hearsay or rumours. 

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